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a cool and tough introduction survey:

  • name: ash
  • your catchphrase: omg/omfg
  • fav emoji/emoticon: tie between :^) and :3c
  • favorite color scheme: blue and gold and yellow OR.. bright pinkish red and black and white
  • favorite type of monster-person: harpy >:^)
  • something real cool that you can do: draw… play video games.. idk
  • a song you want to share with your followers: sleep alone by two doors cinema club
  • top 3 characters of all time: kenji and hidetoshi from p3… and midna
  • what pets do you have: 2 cats
  • your hogwarts house: ravenclaw
  • favorite pokemon: jHGG theres too many ok. i like joltik and also the chikorita evo line

im pretty sure my roommate could see me drawing two girls kissing but i do not care

hey……. no hetero haha. i was so lazy with this

hey……. no hetero haha. i was so lazy with this

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zelda and midna date and link is the third wheel. alternate idea: zelda and midna go on a double date with link and epona

do ppl ship zelda and midna… jsut wondering… j ust curious.. abt.. some zemidna…

*wipes tear from eye* i beat twilight princess

im bored i guess it’s Zelda Time